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As Speaker, I condemn the denial of bail to the peaceful democratic activists in Hong Kong, who were targeted & charged for exercising their rights. This action is an acceleration of Beijing's crackdown on Hong Kong, against which Congress will continue to speak out.

Join me for my weekly press conference as I speak with reporters live at the U.S. Capitol.

Join my colleagues and me LIVE at the U.S. Capitol as we speak about The George Floyd #JusticeInPolicing Act.

Last year, George Floyd uttered his last words, "I can't breathe" - Americans took to the streets to peacefully protest racial injustice & police brutality. Yet, it continues. With tonight's vote the George Floyd #JusticeInPolicingAct is closer to becoming the law of the land.

ICYMI - today @HouseDemocrats spoke at the U.S. Capitol about HR 1, the #ForThePeople Act.

watch here:

There's a direct correlation between the suppression of the vote, campaign funding & American's health. If Republicans are proud of their dark money, then why won't they disclose it? @HouseDemocrats are holding public officials accountable to their constituents w/ #HR1

Our Founders laid the expectation that our government would work For The People - not special interests. Gerrymandering, voter suppression & dark money continue to silence Americans - Congress must put power back in the hands of the people by passing the #ForThePeopleAct.