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See what happened behind-the-scenes last week at the United States Capitol and in my district with my Medium post, ‘Madam Speaker.’

The Biden agenda: lower costs, historic middle class tax cuts, millions of green good-paying jobs for the American people and much more to #BuildBackBetter – and paid for by making sure the wealthy and corporations pay their fair share.

This morning, I joined @ThisWeekABC to talk about passing @POTUS Biden’s #BuildBackBetter Agenda. The next few days will be a time of intensity. We must pass a Continuing Resolution, Build Back Better Act and the BIF.

President Biden’s vision is about rewarding work, not just wealth. Democrats are united behind America’s working families – fighting for fairness in our economy, justice in the environment and unlocking the full economic potential of parents in the workforce. #BuildBackBetter

This week, I was privileged to welcome @SimonCoveney, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Defense of the Republic of Ireland, to the United States Capitol.

Proud to stand with @RepJudyChu & Members of the @ProChoiceCaucus before @HouseDemocrats’ passage of the Women’s Health Protection Act.

By passing this bill today, we reaffirmed this truth: every woman, everywhere, has the constitutional right to basic reproductive health care!

For The Children, Democrats’ #BuildBackBetter Act will give millions of middle class families one of the biggest tax cuts in history while dramatically lowering everyday costs with investments in child care, paid leave, home-based care, universal pre-K and more.

Very proud to stand with Members of Congress and advocates this morning to uplift House Democrats’ work to #BuildBackBetter for Women because we all know: when women succeed, America succeeds.